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Think. Be. Do.: How you Think, is who you become, which determines what you Do. God has a plan for every person. Distractions are set in our paths to deter us from getting and becoming who God has called us to be. Read, reflect and share your story. It may be what another peer needs to overcome or realize who God has created them to be.

Reason #1: Why Jesus is Better than a Superhero

June 11, 2014

Reason #1: Why Jesus is Better than a Superhero 

We’ve probably all got a superhero that we totally love. Whether its Superman, Spiderman, Captain America or Wolverine there’s probably one that stands out to you more than another. Superheroes are pretty awesome with all their love for helping people and superpowers, however, there is someone who puts all other superheroes to shame. His name is Jesus.

So why is Jesus way better than a superhero? There’s like ten million reasons why Jesus is better than all other superheroes out there today, but one reason that Jesus is better than a superhero is that he was able to do what no one else could do. He was able to give us back the ability to have a relationship with God.

When God created Adam originally, God was able to talk to Adam. They were able to be friends and have a true relationship. There was nothing stopping them from talking. However, when Adam ate the fruit from the tree he wasn’t supposed to, his relationship with God got messed up. Adam felt ashamed and hid from God. From that point on, man was no longer to talk to God like he once had.

The good news is that Jesus came to the rescue. He did something that no one else could do. He bridged the gap that sin had made in each of our lives. He was able to bring us back to God.

This is great news! That means that if we accept Jesus as our savior, we can have an awesome relationship with God. We can be friends with God and talk to Him everyday like Adam did in the garden. Jesus kicks all other superhero’s tails because He paid the ultimate price to rescue us and let us have a relationship with God.


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Remember, it is your story that helps others overcome the enemy.  What you share has the potential to not only impact someone's life, but their eternity. 

HELP! I Messed Up Big

June 11, 2014

HELP!  I Messed Up Big

I remember one time I messed up in a big way. My goal in life was to have everyone laugh and think I was funny. So to be funny, I decided to write a note to a guy in the class who got teased a lot. I wrote him a note, and called him some pretty funny names. I wasn’t really trying to hurt his feelings, I just wanted my friends to think I was funny.

The teacher found the note being passed around the class. She also figured out that I wrote the note. It was then I started to feel bad, and realized that my actions had really hurt someone else.

I’m sure you’ve probably made a mistake where you’ve really hurt someone else. How do you handle things after you’ve hurt someone? How do you make things right?

1. Ask Forgiveness – This is really hard to do. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone what you did was wrong and ask them to forgive you. However, if you do, it will make you feel better, and start the healing process between you and the person affected by your mistake.
“Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” – Eph 4:32 (NLT)

2. Make Things Right – In some situations, someone’s property might have gotten damaged or hurt by your actions. For example, if you got mad at your brother, and threw his XBOX game across the room and it broke, you would need to buy him a new game. If someone’s property was damaged or destroyed by your actions, its your responsibility to make it right. The Bible talks about restoring property in Leviticus 24:18.

“Anyone who kills another person’s animal must pay for it in full—a live animal for the animal that was killed.” – Lev 24:18 (NLT)

3. Give it time – Sometimes, it takes time for a relationship to heal. It might take you some time before your relationship is back to normal between you and the person you hurt. Don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile.

When you mess up, it can be really hard on both you and the person that was hurt by your actions. But remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and sometimes others are hurt in the process. Choose to turn your mistake into an opportunity to learn and grow.


Got Questions?
Makes sense?  Need more of an explanation?  Let us know what's on your mind.  
Remember, it is your story that helps others overcome the enemy.  What you share has the potential to not only impact someone's life, but their eternity. 

3 Reasons Why Reading Your Bible Is Like Brushing Your Teeth

March 23, 2014

Brushing your teeth isn’t usually the highlight of your day, in fact, you might even sometime not want to brush them in order to get out the door earlier in the morning or to get to bed quicker at night. Even though brushing your teeth can feel like a chore sometimes, teeth brushing can teach us about reading the Bible. And hopefully, make reading the Bible seem a little less boring.

Brushing should be a habit.
Imagine if you only brushed your teeth once and never touched your toothbrush again. My guess is that you’d have some pretty gross teeth and stinky breath. Well, just like you shouldn’t brush your teeth only once, you shouldn’t read your Bible only once. The Bible is a book that you need to get into. You’re not going to get it all by reading it once.

“Never stop reading The Book of the Law he gave you. Day and night you must think about what it says. – Joshua 1:8 (CEV)

Brushing keeps you fresh
Your breath gets just plain nasty if you don’t brush your teeth. That’s a lot like reading the Bible. Reading the Bible helps to keep us fresh. The Bible is filled with instruction, wisdom and guidance to keep us going strong through life. Getting into the Bible is a great way to encourage yourself and stay fresh in your walk with God.

Brushing makes you feel better
Don’t you love that awesome clean feeling that you get after you brush your teeth? The same feeling is available to us when we read the Bible. The Bible will encourage us and make us feel better. Whether you’re going through a problem, need some healing, or just plain want to be encouraged, reading the Bible is your answer.

The Bible is a powerful book. It has the power to change the way you look at life and the way you feel. If you haven’t already, choose to make reading the Bible a habit. You’ll be glad you did.

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Can I Really Love My Enemies?

March 09, 2014

People can be mean.  I think back to when I used to ride the bus to school every day. I remember one girl that would just pick on about everyone. She was an older student and she sure was mean.  She used to pick on this one girl by pulling on her hair and calling her “shrimp”.  It got so bad that she even made this other girl cry.  There are some people like this girl that are just plain mean.  So the question is with all the mean people that we meet at school, at the mall, or even on the bus, is it really possible to love those who are mean to us?

I think the answer is “yes”.  The Bible says in Matthew 5:44 – “But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you.”   How do we do that? How do we muster up love for people who are mean and don’t treat others with respect? The Bible says in Romans 5:5 that the love of God has been placed into our hearts (NIV). So yes, God tells us to love our enemies which can seem hard, but he gives us the love to do it with.

So, that bully you ride the bus with everyday, or the person that books you in the hall, the people in your life that seem to be too hard to love, you can love them. Why? Because you don’t have to love them with your own love. You love them with the love that God has placed into your heart. So remember that when loving mean people gets hard, you’re not doing it alone. The love of God has been placed in your heart.  You’ve got all the love you need to love your enemies.

Pray: God, thank you for placing your love in my heart. I thank you that with that love I can love those who are mean and unloveable. I ask you to help me to love others and know that with your help I can love my enemies.

We want to hear what you thought about this devotion.  Share what it made you think about? Did it cause you to want to become different.  Did it cause you to do something in a different way?  Share your Story. 

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How to Deal With Guilt

March 02, 2014

Have you ever messed up? Maybe it was a big thing, or it could be as simple as feeling bad because you told a lie to your sister. It doesn’t really matter what you did, but usually after you do something wrong, you feel bad. You have guilt. Guilt is a real thing. Lots of times, we know to do right, but do wrong instead.  

God has said in 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

This means that when you say “God I’m sorry I did wrong- please forgive me” that God hears you. But the next step we must also do is believe the second part of that verse. “to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” means to take away the guilt associated with sin. He not only cleanses the sin and He remembers it no more, He also removes the guilt. This is the part of sin that stays in our minds- we see ourselves having done wrong. But when God removes the sin, He removes the memory from His mind- so you are back in right standing again with God. Our part is to forgive ourselves as well and then see ourselves right with God again- because that what God sees.Guilt is satan’s way of keeping the effects of sin continually bombarding your mind and feelings. ?“I don’t feel forgiven” you may say. But you must believe you are forgiven and every time the thought or feeling comes, you must speak to it and say,“regardless of how I feel, I know God has forgiven me, I have forgiven myself and I am now righteous (in right standing) with God.”

Think about it: 
You’re either forgiven and not guilty or guilty and not forgiven

Father, I ask you to forgive me of my sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I see myself forgiven and I believe you erased it from Your memory. I choose to erase it from mine as well. You said I am righteous and forgiven so I say I am and think the way you think. Thank you for freeing me from all sin and guilt so I happily serve you today free!

We want to hear what you thought about this devotion.  Share what it made you think about? Did it cause you to want to become different.  Did it cause you to do something in a different way?  Share your Story. 







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